21st Century Skills

Forex Trading, Mini Importation, MLM

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Skills for Independence

Makeup, Blogging, Catering...

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How It Works

The difference between Nigeria and China as a world power today is SKILLS and EMPOWERMENT

Once you register with N10,000 on FEEP, you automatically qualify to acquire a skill and all that’s in the Crowdfunding compensation plan as you engage in referrals of a minimum of two downlines, the essence of this referring is to enable you to crowdfund your business of the skill you have acquired.

Upon your registration, you MUST choose one skill-set on which you’ll be trained on at a scheduled date and venue. This will be communicated to you via SMS or email.

This registration fee of N10,000 covers the following:

  • Membership with FEEP
  • Independent Partner with FEEP to drive it’s compensation plan if you so choose and get all outlined benefits
  • Mentorship and Certification after training
  • Materials for the training
  • Logistics of the training which includes resource persons and training hall

The executive leader of that zone is charged with the responsibility to provide training for all through mutual support from the company and leadership

Our trainings are decentralized. Nevertheless if one chooses to attend a training of the same career in another location, then he/she may communicate earlier through management.

After the training, members shall continue to receive mentorship and business growth support from the company until they are fully established.